Every couple will experience relationship issues at some point. It is how these issues are dealt with that can make or break the relationship. The important thing is to try and find a solution that works for both partners when they experience relationship issues. To avoid facing the same relationship later on, it is important to make sure that you don’t feel like you have given in to your partner. It is also important to make sure not to dominate your partner.

When you face a relationship issue, it is important that you phrase your issue in as few words as possible. Give your partner the opportunity to respond. Doing this means that there is less room to be misunderstood. From your partner’s response you can gauge how well you have been understood. This also helps clarify if there has been any miscommunication. Try to see your partner’s side of the story. Try to understand both sides fully before attempting to come to a conclusion. Try to come to a conclusion together.  Don’t enter into a shouting match, refusing to see how you and your partner can compromise.

What Causes Relationship issues and how to Solve Them

The first thing to consider when you face relationship issues, is that often the issue is a symptom of a deeper problem. Take time to try to figure out what the cause is so that you can eliminate the symptoms for good. Don’t assume that what you are looking for from the relationship is the same as what your partner is looking for. just because you may like to feel independent and have space in a relationship, doesn’t mean that this is what your partner is looking for.

Many issues stem from a partner feeling like it is their actions that are causing the other partner to not be feeling the way that they want to be in the relationship. This isn’t strictly true in most cases. What may be causing a partner’s dissatisfaction in a relationship though, is how the other partner feels rather than acts. As such, couples should focus on how they make each other feel, rather than how their actions. However, at the core of many relationship issues is a partner not taking responsibility for their actions when they are in the wrong. In such cases, the partner in the wrong needs to admit their wrong doing and apologise, for a resolution to be reached.

Respect boundaries

Another problem that causes relationship issues is when couples don’t respect each others boundaries. Whether they are physical or emotional boundaries. It is important that couples pay heed to the guidelines set for them by their partner. It is very important that couples keep their word to each other so as to avoid relationship issues. If one partner tells the other that they will call or see the other by a certain time it is important that they do that. Keeping to one’s word shows that partners care about one another. Paying attention to these relationship issues and working as a team to correct them, can help a couple to build a strong lasting relationship.