There are a plethora of reasons why a marriage can end in divorce. Infidelity, communication issues, financial issues and differences of opinions with regards to child rearing being some of the reasons. Premarital counselling can help a couple to sort out these issues, amongst others, before they arise. The earlier a couple seeks therapy, the better. This is because seeking therapy early on in the relationship allows for the couple to come to a resolution before an issue is set in stone or blown out of proportion. Premarital counselling is therefore encouraged, because it means that a couple can discuss and resolve issues, at times issues that they didn’t know existed, before they are married.

During premarital counselling, couples will discuss not only possible issues, but also what marriage means to them and their motivation for getting married, as well as what they would like their marriage to look like in the years to come. Moreover, during premarital counselling, couples discuss what their needs from the relationship are and what they expect from their partner to maintain a happy marriage. As such, partners have a more in-depth understanding of each other so that they feel like they are starting life as a married couple seeing eye to eye.

Understand your partner’s point of view with premarital counselling

Premarital counselling also has the benefit of helping you to see an outside opinion of your relationship and how to make it last, by helping you to see the relationship as a third party. furthermore, premarital counselling will teach couples constructive communication skills, as a healthy relationship is based on open and honest communication. Through learning how to communicate effectively and what each partner expects from the marriage, therapy helps to strengthen a couple’s bond.

Although it may not seem like a benefit at first, premarital counselling can help some couples realize that they are actually incompatible, so that they call off their wedding. This will save couples from the bureaucracy and heartbreak of an inevitable divorce further down the line. Naturally, there is nothing that can guaranty a successful marriage, but premarital counselling can give couples the tools that they need to help them to work at their marriage, so that the relationship can thrive.

It is clear to see then that pre-premarital counselling is a smart decision for any couple. Differences will arise in even the seemingly most cohesive relationships, and with the help of a therapist, these differences can be successfully negotiated. Within the structured and safe environment of a therapy session, couples can air their grievances with the help of a therapist who acts as a mediator, thus helping them to move through and past their issues. Moreover, those who have premarital counselling usually feel more comfortable with seeking the help of a therapist, should any issues arise once they are married; thus, making their relationship more likely to be successful and helping the couple to avoid divorce. To reap the benefits of premarital counselling, it is important that couples look for a registered counselor with whom they feel comfortable.