Marriage problems are a part of being married, and more often than not unavoidable. It is being prepared for them and knowing how to solve them though, that can save a marriage. The most successful marriages are not the ones who seemingly experience no issues, but those who take the time and the effort to battle through when there is a rough patch, ultimately emerging stronger for it.  The following are a list of ten of the most common marriage problems that couples face, and solutions to help you manage them should they present themselves in your marriage.

  1. Chronic conflict

The occasional conflict is normal, and even healthy, in a marriage. However, fighting with your partner constantly is not healthy and can be addressed in the following ways:

  • When you’re wrong, apologize
  • If you always react in the same way, you will always get the same result. You choose how to react in an argument.
  • Don’t blame or say hurtful things, rather look for solutions with your partner.
  1. Marriage problems involving sex

Even partners who love each other can have issues sexually. Issues with frequency, quality, quantity and infidelity when it comes to sex, can all cause marriage problems. Moreover, when sex is withheld in order to “punish” a partner, this can cause a number of marriage problems.  Solutions to sexual problems within a marriage can include the following:

  • Schedule in time for sex.
  • Figure out what turns you and your partner on and create scenarios that include these things.
  • If you feel like you can’t resolve your issues alone, a sex therapist could help.
  1. Financial issues

Often, it is not the financial problems themselves that cause the marriage problems, but the lack of open and honest communication about the financial issues. While financial issues can severely strain a relationship, when dealt with correctly they can also strengthen a marriage.

  • Be honest about your financial situation, and don’t live beyond your means, or hide any income or dept.
  • Together with a joint budget and savings, set aside money that belongs to each partner to be used at their discretion.
  • Decide who will be paying what bills so that the load is shared.
  • Set aside time that is dedicated to discussing finances.
  1. Marriage problems due to issues with division of labour

In this day and age most partners both work in the productive labour market, and so it is important to equally divide labour in the reproductive sphere.

  • Couples should write down who is expected to do what and when in the home, to avoid marriage problems.
  • If household responsibilities are causing a lot of conflict, perhaps it may be wise to employ a domestic worker to help in the house, if it is within your means.
  1. Family issues

Extended family members and children can be a huge source of conflict and marriage problems in any relationship. Be careful to employ the following if family is an issue in your relationship:

  • Be mindful of what you say, at times it may be better to keep quiet when arguing about family members.
  • Make sure that you and your partner are on the same page on child rearing before you have children.