Louw Alberts, Marriage and Relationship Counsellor

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Louw Alberts has been in private practice specializing in marriage and relationship counselling for a number of years. He obtained his B-Honours at the University of Pretoria and his master’s degree in Psychology at the internationally recognized London Metropolitan University. Louw  Alberts  also completed a degree in Practical Psychometry at the University of Johannesburg so that more in-depth instruments can be used in assisting him to be an integrative marriage and relationship counsellor

To be a marriage and relationship counsellor you have to be registered at the Health Professional Counsel of South Africa. Louw Alberts is registered in the categories of Independent Registered Counsellor Pr nr PRC 0012556 Independent Registered Psychometist Pr nr PMT 0087173 Independent Registered Psychologist (Industrial) Pr nr PS 0125660.

Extensive experience

Louw has extensive experience in Individual counseling, psychometric analysis, family therapy, Marriage counseling and Trauma Counselling. Please see “Qualifications” for more detailed Information. He is a member of the British Psychological Society; Louw Alberts is currently engaged in his Doctorate studies in Psychology

With the right guidance and therapeutic relationship – you can turn your relationship into an interpersonal, non-judgmental, attached relation where one can bend positive energy towards each other while you are living your life. In my experience marriage and relationship counseling guides you to the core feelings, emotions, sensations attitudes and pains which burden the relationship. It can be turned around when a couple knows their own individual

  • Wants
  • Thoughts
  • Feels and
  • Needs And how to communicate that to each other.

We are well trained by parents or essential figures in our lives to talk or transfer content to one another but the underlying emotions gets left behind. We are not taught to communicate our needs to each other and we get caught up in this repetitive cycle that does not only break the relationship down but can more times than not lead to emotional burnout which gives the feeling of ‘I want to detach from this relationship then all will be better’

Repetitive patterns of behaviour

Our biggest enemy is repetitive patterns of behavior which seems impossible to break – Marriage and relationship counseling will identify it for you – You  realize what the origin of the patterns are, express what you want, think feel and need and change the pattern so that energy will accumulate rather than being spent in the interaction between you and your partner.

Marriage and relationship counselling also identifies your internal dialogue going on in our minds, relative to ourselves and our relationship with our partners, the internal dialogue must also be rectified to that it does not cause energy loss. That is just one of the many obstacles that hinders an attached relationship where one feels safe It is time to engage with self, the journey has allot more to offer than most people think. It is time to take care of yourself and your partner

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