Relationship Counselling

Couples counselling/Marriage counselling is a form of relationship counselling which is aimed specifically at people who are involved in romantic relationships. Both married and unmarried couples may seek couples counselling, and there are a number of approaches to couples counselling.

You started out telling each other everything. Time just flew by when you were together. It all seemed so easy then. Yet now it seems like you have nothing to say to one another.

The intimacy and trust you once enjoyed in your relationship are gone; in its place – fights, long silences, and hurried conversations about your schedule. You sometimes sound like two children fighting, never coming to a conclusion about anything.

The good news is that it is never too late to renew intimacy in your relationship. It isn’t too late to find out why you don’t seem to have control over your behaviour and reactions, thoughts and feelings especially towards your husband or wife or partner in the relationship.

Role of relationship counselling

The goal of relationship counselling is to understand the dynamic of the relationship, and to identify areas of strain and frustration which add stress and anxiety to the partnership.

Once identified each one of these areas is dealt with in a safe environment to the benefit of both partners and the relationship. Now you are on track to experience a depth in your relationship far beyond what you experienced when you first fell in love.