Communication in relationships

From early childhood we are taught that communication is the key to successful relationships. Strangely enough, when we end up with relational problems, we suddenly seem to find ourselves short on skills. With all this focus on communication, why are we still getting it horribly wrong? Perhaps we were only taught about the importance and not given all that many skills in the process. Perhaps communication skills are only really tested in intimate relationships.

We know what the right thing is to so we find ourselves asking questions like:

  • How can we simply start communicating better?
  • Can’t we just stop and listen to each other?

Our language reveals how trapped we feel:

  • I will try harder!
  • You do not understand me!
  • I am not a child; do not talk to me like I am one!

There are definite rules in communication. If you are not taught these rules, your relationship communication style will stay the same. I will help you to identify the ”files” which activate certain behaviour and communication styles.

Communication between two people in a relationship can be changed. I will help you to identify the harmful behaviours, thoughts and feelings and guide you on how to affect permanent change.

Communication for life – changed by yourself, guided by Louw Alberts.

Louw Alberts has a Private Practice in Wierda Park, Centurion, Pretoria.