The purpose of couples counselling is for couples to focus on strengthening their relationship through psychotherapy. During therapy sessions, couples will resolve any conflicts and rebuild and strengthen their relationship and improve intimacy. Couples counselling can help any couple, regardless of whether or not they are married, and is recommended for couples considering marriage before they take that step. Some of the issues that are dealt with in couples therapy that can be present regardless of whether or not the couple is married, are in financial trouble, have communication issues, infidelity, or sexual difficulties.

The focus of couples counselling is the relationship, however, each partner should expect to work at self-improvement at the same time. As such, therapy sessions are usually conducted with both partners together, however, in some cases, one on one therapy sessions will also be recommended in conjunction with group sessions. Treatment plans for couples therapy are case specific, but it is usually a short-term commitment. 

What is the purpose of couples counselling? 

Couples counselling is useful before couples get married as it can help them to gain a deeper understanding of each other and deal with issues before they arise. Couples counselling helps in strained relationships for couples to strengthen their bond.  The main objective of couples counselling is to improve communication, reduce emotional avoidance, help couples to learn to promote the strengths of the relationship, rather than always focussing on what’s wrong with the relationship, to change any dysfunctional behaviour like abuse within the relationship, and lastly to help couples to see the relationship objectively, thereby better helping the couple to understand the relationship and why it may face difficulties at times.

During therapy sessions, couples can explore their relationship nonjudgmentally with the guidance of their therapist. The therapist is there to enable change and resolution, so that through openly communicating the couple can come to their own conclusions about the relationship and its future.

What you can expect from couples counselling

At couples counselling partners will work with a therapist to learn skills to strengthen their relationship. These skills include problem solving and communication skills among others. Working together, couples identify the sources of conflict and how to deal with them, as well as identifying the strengths of the relationship. Sometimes a couple may start to argue during a therapy session, in such cases the therapist acts as a mediator to help resolve the conflict.

Couples counselling is only successful when both partners dedicate themselves to the process and bettering their relationship wholeheartedly. When couples apply the skills that they learn they will become better at communicating with each other and supporting one another. With their therapists guidance, couples will set goals for the relationship, however, it is up to the couple to do the work to achieve these goals. As such, it is important that each partner accepts their role in the relationship and in possible conflicts within the relationship so that they can work together to meet the goals for the relationship.

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