I have been married for 16 years and I cannot do it anymore. Does this sound familiar? What about:

  • I cannot be the person he or she wants me to be.
  • I am not going to change for you.
  • I am not going to be unhappy anymore.
  • 60 more years of this, I refuse to do that.
  • Does my happiness not count for anything?
  • Do I even matter in this relationship?
  • I cannot take these fights anymore.
  • My wife or husband is having an affair.
  • My trust is broken.

If you have had any of these thoughts in the past year, if you just don’t see a way out or cannot think straight about your marriage or relationship, please give me a call so that we can work together to structure your thought patterns and come up with a working solution. Marriage counselling can save your marriage.

My aim is to guide you towards discovering the root cause of the marriage or relationship problem. I facilitate communication to enhance the process of finding that specific negative relationship trigger. Once we know what this trigger is, we can start correcting it.

Many times we find that marital problems are the result of some unresolved childhood trauma. This is your chance to address these hurts in a very safe space. Your partner will have a completely new understanding of you and the circumstances that has shaped your thinking. As we learn to accept our marriage partner’s childhood hurts, we learn to deal with our own.

It is a wonderful process of careful revelation and growth.

Marriage counselling services

Our goal in consultation with you is to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Eliminating negative pre-conceived ideas about yourself, your partner and your marriage or other intimate relationship.
  • Understanding yourself and your relation towards your marriage partner.
  • Healthy Communication.
  • Recognising the person you fell in love with.
  • Recognising what you have in common and how you can build on it.
  • Building trust that has depth and endurance.
  • Healthy libido and sexual intimacy.
  • To know your partner’s behavioural patterns, thoughts and feelings.