Romantic relationships are an important part of a fulfilled life, however being in a happy relationship can be challenging. Professional relationship advice can help guide couples in how to have a successful, rewarding relationship that lasts. It is inevitable that every relationship will experience its difficulties; relationship advice can help couples when they feel stuck and unhappy in their relationship, to sort out their issues and ultimately become a stronger unit.

What are probable causes of an unhappy relationship?

Many issues in a relationship can be solved over time by the couple; however, some problems become entrenched and begin to seem unable to be solved. Rather than giving up on the relationship all together, it is often helpful to seek professional relationship advice. It is best for both partners to seek relationship advice together, however, if your partner is unwilling to receive help, you can seek relationship advise first. You can’t change your partner, but you can change yourself, and from there you could start to see changes within your relationship. The following is a guide of some of the most common patterns and situations, which can cause problems in a relationship:

  • Neglecting the relationship

Although this may seem obvious, the basis of a relationship is friendship. When couples don’t regularly make time to spend with each other, to do things as a team, to talk about issues that matter to each partner and to make plans for their future together, they can drift apart.

  • Continuous conflict

When there are serious differences between individuals in a relationship, conflict can occur. It is important that conflict is dealt with calmly so that you do not end up hurting your partner and causing further damage to the relationship. It becomes more difficult to maintain a friendship with your partner if you are constantly arguing and unable to manage your differences, so it is important to seek relationship advice if you can’t seem to stop fighting with your partner.

  • Loss of understanding and care

It is important to feel that you can be yourself within your relationship, without fear of judgement. This does not mean that partners always need to agree with each other, but they should be there to listen to each other and try to understand their thoughts and feelings. When there is a loss of understanding and care within a relationship, it can become toxic very quickly.

  • Not working as a unit during a crisis

Unfortunately, life isn’t always smooth sailing. It is particularly important to have a good friendship, compassion and understanding during times of crisis. Individuals react differently to different situations, but it is very important to work as a unit, love and support each other during a crisis. If not, a crisis can tear a relationship apart.

When should you seek professional relationship advice?

If any of the above issues seem prominent within your relationship, or you seem to be having the same fight over and over again, now may be the time to seek professional relationship advice. However, you don’t need to wait for problems to arise to seek professional relationship advice to help strengthen your communication and ultimately your relationship.